Coonhound - Adult - Male
Adoptable Large Up-to-date with routine shotsHouse trained

Short – Bicolor
Vaccinations up to date
Good in a home with:
Other dogs
Prefers a home without:

Dewey on a good day is a very sweet dog, loves scratches.
On a bad day he is grumpy and possessive of his toys, bones, dog house or a room.

Dew has been adopted 3 times and returned for the same reason each time. His first family adopted him as a jogging companion for the dad and a pet for the kids. At first Dew was wonderful, got along with the family’s other dog, loved running with the owner and was great with the kids. Then he got possessive of the kids’s bedroom and would bark and growl if they tried to enter. The mother was able to remove him from the room and when he was out of the room, Dewey went back to being a great dog.

He would do best with a person/family who understands his quirks and is willing to not force the issue when he gets in a mood.